Antimicrobial Copper Film

Say NO to bacterial transmission with Anti-microbial Copper Film

Researchers have kept highlighting the rapidly changing statistics of health-issues around the globe. Over time, the count of annual infection diagnoses and deaths in the US alone has gone beyond 1.7 million and 99,000, respectively. The present year has turned the situation even more gruesome with over 1.98 million infection-sufferers, and above 112K deaths in just five months.

What is the anti-microbial copper film?

Anti-microbial Copper Film is an SGS certified, US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) approved protective covering for keeping a surface shielded from bacterial-attacks.

In the circumstances, when all the modern techniques are failing to suppress the current virus outburst, the anti-microbial copper film is a silver lining in the sky.

This 100% Korean product is ideal for preventing toxic viruses and bacteria from growing and transmitting to humans. It takes only a few minutes to detect and deactivate the viruses.


Today, viruses are overruling the world to the extent that the roads are empty, factories are closed, and the economy is sinking like never before. The entire world is under masks, hospitals are running out of space, and the sicks are competing for medication.

Until the test of vaccines returns success, precaution has been emphasized as the only way of protection from these viruses. The government and the health experts are continuously appealing to maintain distance – not only from humans but also from surfaces that are prone to human-exposure.

But how feasible is this? Despite all our alertness, we end up touching one or the other publicly-exposed surfaces, like door handles, lift buttons, elevator handles, ATM display surface and market cart handles, etc. And, not always, we have instant access to our sanitizers. So, what is the solution?

The one permanent solution to minimize the risk of virus-transmission from such surfaces to humans is – anti-microbial copper film.

Copper products

What is the advantage of Copper here?

In ancient times, copper utensils used to be an essential part of almost every kitchen. Drinking and eating in those utensils were considered a boon for health by our ancestors. You know, why? Because –

Copper possesses the ability to kill bacteria and viruses within a few minutes and making them undetectable within a few hours. This anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory material is self-sterilizing; hence, it decontaminates itself without any extra labor, electricity, or bleach.


Some significant characteristics that make the anti-microbial copper film indispensable in the current health-crisis are:
  • Strong anti-microbial : The anti-microbial properties of copper remain active until the film lasts.
  • Easy to use : All you need is to cover the desired surface with this film, and it will start exterminating the virus.
  • Harmless to human: Copper is a natural antibiotic, which makes it harmless for both – humans and the environment.

How does the anti-microbial copper film kill viruses?

1. Identification

Bacteria identifies the copper ion as a nutrient on the surface and absorb it into its cell.

2. Penetration

The absorbed copper ion then penetrates the cell membrane of bacteria, leading to water and essential nutrients' loss from the cell.

3. Suction

The absorbed copper ion sucks out all the other essential-for-living elements from the cell, like Active oxygen Reactive oxygen species.

4. Extinction

With the loss of water, oxygen, and nutrients, the metabolic and respiratory activity of bacteria stops, and the bacteria die.

This rapidly outbursting health-crisis demands some immediate and effective actions to protect the world from the destruction of the virus. It is the time that we return ourselves our healthy and virus-free lifestyle by adopting anti-microbial copper film.

Let's break the chain of virus-spread!


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