Stocklot paper are the mixed amounts and qualities of paper left paper, which are mostly made use of in innovative and alternative industries, and markets. 

Knam is one of the leading suppliers and exporters of different grades of stocklot boards and stocklot paper rolls.

Knam offers stocklot in printing, packaging and a variety of different specific grades of paper.

  • One side printed Woodfree Paper with PE lamination or Ream Wrap
  • Silicon coated paper
  • Golden/yellow color Silicon coated paper
  • Yogurt Rolls (One side Printed)
  • MG Paper rolls
  • Newsprint
  • One side Printed Paper (poly coated or non poly coated)
  • One side Printed test liner rolls
  • One side Printed Kraft Liner rolls
  • Virgin Kraft Liner rolls
  • Colored Woodfree rolls
  • Tetra pack rolls Aluminium
  • Leather Release Paper rolls
  • Acrylic Paper rolls
  • Kraft Liner rolls with foil/alu/poly lamination
  • Label Paper rolls and sheets on pallets
  • Pringle Paper rolls
  • Paper with alu lamination
  • Decore Paper